Weigh-In Scale

Weigh-In Scale



  • Designed specifically for “weigh-ins”

  • Wireless (Connects to device via Bluetooth through our app available in the App Store and Google Play)

  • Easy “Grab & Go'“ design

  • Physical dimensions (12” x 13.5” x 3.5”)

  • 800 lb Capacity

  • 0.2 lb Graduations

  • Built with anodized 1/4” aluminium plates for durability

  • Rechargeable battery with included charging cable

  • Scale ships calibrated

    For maintenance, scale MUST be sent back to American Scale Co. for calibration, at this stage in development external calibration is not supported.

    (Cost is $45 plus shipping)

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Our Weigh-In Scale was developed by our team of technicians to solve the issues that traditional scales have had in the past. We have eliminated the need for an indicator by utilizing the devices we all use, (our phones). The Weigh-In Scale eliminates the indicator, cable, and power adapter which is the source of most all repairs. We also made the scale as portable as possible, by including a built in handle so it is literally, “Grab and Go” no wires or additional components to deal with.

Weigh-In Scale (x2)
1,100.00 1,400.00
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